Issue 44



ALL BEAR issue 44 is another big one! 270 pages

to be precise and packed with beary goodness for all.

We kick off the issue with duo Felix and Chris in our

latest Men of Desert Heat Images cover feature and

follow up with the next of our exclusive

model interviews. This time we got to interview Daddy

Lucas. And what an interview!

We also get to interview writer/artist Thom Collins to

find out more about his fantastic graphic novel,


It's that time of year again where a new Mr Bear Ireland

is crowned, but just before his reign is over we got to

find out a little bit about outgoing Mr Bear Ireland 2016,

Sean Long, in a special mini-feature.

With all your regular favourites, featured guys and

stories to feast your eyes over, this is one ALL BEAR

not to be missed.

Get your copy now. Only 1.75.

Filesize: 43 meg





















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