Issue 48



It's the final issue of ALL BEAR and we go out in style!

This 278-page bumper issue truly has someone for

everyone within its pages.

From cover to end you will find a packed issue full of
some of the best bears around. We kick off the issue

with cover bear Tony bearing all for you with yet

another brilliant gallery, courtesy of Desert Heat

Images. Then we have another 13 hot guys bearing all

for you, including more from BearFilms, Hairy & Raw,

Pantheon Productions, The Guy Site, Older4me,

Natural Born Breeders & YogaBearStudio. And five
feature guys that we think you will all enjoy.

This issue's BearFilms model interview features our

very good friend Andrew Mason. Plus we have all of

your regular columns that you enjoy reading, including

the concluding part of Wyatt O' Brian Evans' The Hung

and the Horny, where Wyatt brings this 21-part serial to

a satisfying conclusion.

With more men then ever before, this final issue of
ALL BEAR is one not to be missed.

Get your copy now. Only 1.75.

File size: 44.3 meg



















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