Special 13



Back in issue 6 of ALL BEAR (download for FREE
HERE) we were fortunate to feature an exclusive
interview with Beefy John X. Now almost 4 years to
the day we catch up with him in his very own special
This 110 page issue is jam-packed with full page
images taken just for this special along with
another exclusive interview, where as promised
back in issue 6 we catch up with what John has been
up to and find out if that gay project he talked about
actually happened.
Also this issue is the chance to find out just who
Beefy John X is as he shares with us some things
that you may not know about his personal and
professional life.
And for the first time in ALL BEAR, your chance to
order prints of any of the images you see within the
This is a special you do NOT want to miss


File Size 42.8 meg








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