ALL BEAR was created with the sole intention of being able to show off and highlight bears of all shapes, sizes and ages. The 'normal' everyday man you see in the street. Not the musclebound hulks we see in other publications, but guys from whatever walk of life. Along with also being a portal for freely advertising and promoting anyone with a bear

themed project or event, and to freely advertise the many talented bears out there with whatever it is that they make. Be it, books, artwork, music or clothing, ALL BEAR wanted to bring back a small bit of that sense of community that

seemed to have lost its way slightly into the world of commercialism. It was, and still is, very important to me that ALL BEAR be a not-for-profit concern. Everything ALL BEAR takes is put right back into its running costs. Anything left over is donated to charity in March every year.


It was towards the end of 2009 that the idea for ALL BEAR began. Believe it or not it was while reading

a PDF magazine about Doctor Who that I first got the idea of doing a PDF magazine. I started off by doing a mock cover for a fictional magazine. This mock cover featured my partner Matt in all his glory. And from then it was full steam ahead.


The first issue of ALL BEAR was very basic indeed, and has now long been withdrawn. It did not represent what my vision for ALL BEAR was. But it played a very important part in ALL BEAR'S origins. It was little more than just a taster to see if there was interest for another bear magazine out there. And boy I did not expect the reaction we got over it. Not one negative comment or criticism. Only emails saying they wanted more.


So what was my vision for ALL BEAR? Well first off I wanted it to be more than just a wank fest. Do not get me wrong, I wanted to offer that, of course I did, but also I wanted to be able to give readers a good read on top of that

as well. As with any project it takes time to evolve. And that was the case with ALL BEAR. Even as early as issue 2 and 3 you could see a clear growth from what issue 1 was. Four years on and ALL BEAR is now very much what I had envisioned in the early days. Plenty to feast the eyes on, interviews, articles, and from March 2013 some very hard-hitting articles.


Another thing I was very passionate about, and still am, is to respect the individuals we feature. You don't want to

get stark bollock naked? Then it's no problem. We ask YOU what you want to show and not the other way around. And of course, it's of paramount importance to me that the readers are looked after as well and they get not only a damn good read but also get looked after if they run into any problems with their downloads. I make sure it's sorted as fast as possible.


ALL BEAR has grown from strength to strength every year. What started out in 2010 as a six issue a year only publication saw in 2012 16 releases alone! And I fully intend to carry that kind of release schedule on through 2013 and beyond. One of the biggest things we did through 2012 was to start the 'spin off' to ALL BEAR which are the Special Editions. These specials focus on one individual and became instant hits with our readers.


And not content with that, 2013 saw the release of another title to the ALL BEAR range. ALL BEAR EXTRA is a twice yearly publication (Summer and Winter) focusing on feature guys and stories. Not only that if you are a subscriber to ALL BEAR, and your subscription covers the end of the year, then the Winter edition of ALL BEAR EXTRA is free to you!


Late 2012 saw fellow bear lover MacCubbish join the ALL BEAR team as our very own resident 'talent scout'. Many  of the guys that you will see throughout 2013 and beyond will be all down to Mac's work in contacting guys on my behalf, and his input in general has given ALL BEAR a new lease of life.


We have been very fortunate over the past 4 years of being able to feature the work of some very talented writers; Dalton Shackleford, Jed Ryan, Joe Mannetti, Sean Cockwell and Xavier Axelson to name just a few, and 2013 and beyond sees more talented writers joining us.


And in 2014 we welcome more writers to the fold. Regular readers of ALL BEAR will no doubt recognize the name Strong Sense. Well from January (issue 25) on he has joined our writing team to not only bring us some exclusive stories but also to write his very own regular column. And mentioning regular columns we are also very happy to introduce to you Rob Scoundral who from issue 26 will be writing his own regular column for you all to enjoy. And from issue 27 on Jaison Simmons joins the team bringing his wacky world to the pages of ALL BEAR.


So there you have it. ALL BEAR in a nut shell. This was just a brief introduction as to what ALL BEAR is about and how it came to be.


So what are you waiting for? Head over to the store and see just what it is bear lovers worldwide are liking about ALL BEAR.


Colin (Feb 2014)


The current ALL BEAR team:


Dalton - Writer

Jonathan - Writer

 Mac - Talent Scout

Rob - Writer





Strong Sense -


Wyatt - Writer







Colin - Creator/Editor


Matt - Sub Editor